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herlia ginger vita on a table beside a ginger

Why Herlia® ?

HERLIA® NATURALS GINGER VITA is made using the highest quality ginger originated from Bentong, Malaysia. We begin the process by extracting the selected premium fresh ginger and going through a tedious process to later form them into an easy to consume & convenient tablet form. It's 100% natural and totally Vegan & Muslim friendly.

In this era of busy life, people tend to forget on taking good care on their health as we don't even have time to prepare those healthy food daily. We've got you covered! HERLIA® brings you the solutions and conveniences so you can enjoy HERLIA® which full of health benefits anytime & anywhere.

ginger on the table with a weighing
ginger on the table with a weighing mobile

6 major health benefits

  • period pain

    Reduce Period Pain

    Suppress pain receptors & protects the body from inflammation by inhibiting the body's prostaglandins production and ease women's period pain.

  • bloating

    Improve Digestion & Alleviate Bloating

    Boost the digestive system by stimulating your stomach acid & digestive enzymes to solve from indigestion and gas to bloating.

  • weight loss

    Help in Weight Loss

    The anti-obesity action of ginger may be a result of slowed intestinal absorption of dietary fat. It also increases the basal metabolism that acts as a fat burner.

  • immune booster

    Immune Booster

    Best natural remedy to kill cold virus and to boost the body's immune system with its strong anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties.

  • antioxidant

    Aging Deceleration

    The powerful antioxidant that helps to lower down the level of free radicals significantly and to protect the cells against toxic effects.

  • cold hand

    Warming up Cold Hands & Feets

    Excellent for improving blood circulation and blood flow to the hands and feet. It is also great for cold, stiff joints and arthritic conditions where the pain is alleviated by heat.

the making of herlia® naturals ginger vita

process of making herlia ginger vita

Our Testimonials

"Didn’t believe it until my yoga instructor “forced” me to have it. Can’t thank her enough for doing that. Hahaha yes, we have to keep a healthy diet so this is a convenient alternative."

May, 23, Vietnam

"My mother has been preparing Ginger tea for me whenever I’m having premenstrual pain. I was doubting the effect at first, but guess what. It works exactly like what a fresh ginger should taste like. Highly recommend for busy city ladies out there!"

Ibring Chong, 24, Singapore

"My husband gave me a bottle of Herlia during my post pregnancy period. Since then I’ve learnt that taking it daily do help calming my body a little. My mother loves the spiciness of it."

Kee Siew Kee, 42, Malaysia

"Very neat product. Unlike other brand out there, which is mostly on capsules or heavy coating, Herlia’s ginger tablet will not crush upon delivery. Surprisingly. It’s a bit spicy if you don’t like it you can just swallow it straight away with water."

Jaye Lee, 39, Malaysia

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