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Power of Herlia® Naturals Ginger Vita

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The Remedy To Women’s Great Health Perfected
With over 150 documented symptoms of PMS, issues like menstrual cramps, bloating, and water retention have always been the needle to a woman’s health. HERLIA® NATURALS GINGER VITA, made purely by natural ginger extracts is created to be the result women have long searched for after trying many remedies that were ineffective.

Formulated By The Best To Give You The Best
HERLIA® NATURALS GINGER is specially formulated by our team of expert nutritionists. Only the finest quality of fresh ginger extracts are handpicked and curated at the place of its origin,Bentong, Malaysia. Once extracted, they are dehydrated below 70c and on to an advanced form of low-temperature dehydration also known as Freeze Drying before they are compressed into tablets. Each tablet contains 125 mg of pure ginger extracts or 25% of the active ingredients thus, the effective result and quality as a natural superfood.

“Menstruation Frustration” Goodbye
HERLIA® NATURALS GINGER VITA eases menstrual discomfort by naturally inhibiting the body’s prostaglandins production, suppressing pain receptors, and protecting against inflammation. Research has shown that levels of menstrual blood loss dramatically declined among participating women who received ginger. Moreover, studies also show that a regular consumption of ginger helps regulate periods and facilitates hormonal balance. It also stimulates the stomach acid and digestive enzymes to prevent indigestion and bloating from gas.

Plenty Of Other Benefits
HERLIA® NATURALS GINGER VITA helps you lose weight by hampering intestinal fat absorption while increases metabolism to burn fat. Its antioxidants help ward off free radicals, protecting cells against toxins and naturally boost your immune system to slow down aging for a healthier body. With the properties of natural ginger, HERLIA® remediates stiff joints and improves blood circulation. No more cold hands and feet at the office or in bed, ever, and experience everyday in your best condition.

Made For Everyone, Period
With all the health benefits in mind, it is perfect even for the men and children at home. Formulated in tablet form, it is perfect even for those who dislike the pungent smell of ginger.

Certified HALAL by JAKIM Malaysia
HERLIA® is 100% natural, dietitian formulated, and vegan friendly. It is an easy and convenient way for any woman to maintain their vitality and experience daily life in their best condition and pain-free whether they are at the office working or at home caring for the kids. It is made safe and perfect for vegans who experience cold regularly due to their diet.

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