Herlia® Naturals Ginger Vita


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完全 纯天然姜颗 特调制成:

  • 减少经期疼痛 调理经期
  • 改善消化并减轻腹胀
  • 帮助瘦身促进减肥
  • 增强免疫力
  • 减速皮肤老化
  • 改善和调理手脚冰冷

适合 素食主义者和穆斯林同胞(Halal)

60 粒 一瓶


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HERLIA® NATURALS GINGER VITA 是使用来自马来西亚文冬,Bentong 最优质生姜制成的。我们首先提取精选的优质生姜,然后进行繁琐的过程,再将它们制成易于营养充分和设计出方便又高尚的纯姜颗粒。


特制裁成的体积 确保一瓶可以提供一个月的供应量,并且易于随身携带超方便。



ginger/halia herlia




Take this around and feel the fashion, it's also super instagrammable! Consume your daily dosage whenever you want.


RM128.00 RM98.00 & Free Shipping


Bundle PackDiscount
Bundle of 2+ 5%
Bundle of 5+ 20%

54 reviews for HERLIA® GINGER VITA

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  • Helen Lim

    Thank you Herlia- it really works

    I strongly recommend this product. Just want to say thank you, this has helped me to get back my period regularly. I was suffering irregular period for many years, previously was still hesitating to try this or not. Don’t doubt and delay anymore your problem anymore, now i regret that i should have taken this earlier! Very good product and trust me the price is really worth it real premium ginger extract!

    2月 5, 2021
  • Catherine Soh

    My daughter was facing irregular period for long time, sometimes up to 4-6 months without period. I was so worried, my friend recommended Herlia to me and i decided to give a try. She didn’t refuse to take it as it’s very easy to be consumed and tasteless for her. She has a big improvement on her period cycle now, she starts to have period every month

    1月 18, 2021
  • Ginny

    The results is amazing. It is my daily booster for my health and my period is on time and painless

    1月 1, 2021
  • Josephine

    My period pain is significantly reduced a lot and even i don’t feel anything during my period. I have been taking continuously for 5 months and it helps my overall health. I don’t fall sick easily anymore. Thanks!

    12月 21, 2020
  • Kenneth

    I bought for my girlfriend, she used to have period pain problem. This is 3rd purchase, she is getting better and I feel relieved

    12月 5, 2020
  • Nora

    Good & Professional Customer Service

    just wanna say very responsible, good & professional service! Keep it up and thanks for advising & assisting me! Hopefully I can see my results soon too

    12月 2, 2020
  • Rose

    This is my 3rd purchase (bought 5 bottles). Initially for my own period problem, now my entire family take for maintaining their health and my husband for bloating problem

    12月 1, 2020
  • Joanne

    Amazing Product

    Herlia helps me in overall wellbeing. I’m not so easily fall sick anymore and really reduce my period pain. I didn’t plan to lose weight but i dropped 1kg without changing any diet and exercise.

    11月 23, 2020
  • Brandon Ng

    1st time trying. Bought 3 bottles as starter, looking forward the results

    11月 21, 2020
  • Jia Qi

    Fatigue and water retention gone

    I used to be always tired even i slept for long and many hours, but after i start taking Herlia for around 2 months (recommended by my friend), i feel more energetic after i wake up and not easily get tired. Another thing that i wasnt expecting is my lower body and leg become smaller, i can see my water retention reduced alot. Strongly recommend this product.

    11月 20, 2020

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