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减少经期疼痛 调理经期


改善消化 并减轻腹胀


帮助瘦身 促进减肥


增强 免疫力


减速 皮肤老化



促进血液循环和手脚血液流动的极佳选择。通过热缓解疼痛, 所以对于发冷,关节僵硬和关节炎也非常有效。





Average Customer Rating

VickyLohVerified Buyer
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Super suitable for office lady. I always having trouble with cold hand and feet in the office. But now I feel my body become warmer and stronger
VickyLohVerified Buyer
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Super suitable for office lady. I always having trouble with cold hand and feet in the office. But now I feel my body become warmer and stronger
Goh KYVerified Buyer
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My period didnt come for 7months. I was so worrying. After i start taking Herlia for almost 1 and a half month, my period came back! Omg and that’s the BEST day of my life!
Carey LeeVerified Buyer
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Every lady must take to take care the womb even you have no period cramp. This is really good, i can feel the effect
Venice TanVerified Buyer
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I strongly recommend Herlia to everyone, not only for ladies. My husband is taking with me and his digestion improved alot.
Catherine SoVerified Buyer
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Never regret giving myself a try. I have been only taking Herlia for almost a year consistently no other supplements. My overall health improved, i feel so much better.
Tommy HengVerified Buyer
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No jokes,my girlfriend feels better on her period and during her PMS. And of course this make my life easier too!
KumaranVerified Buyer
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My wife forced me to take Herlia for my joint pain. Luckily I listened to her, i wont feel pain on my knee anymore. *finger crossed*
ShermainyeoVerified Buyer
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I used to have the habit taking ginger no matter boiled or powder. But among all i love Herlia the most, cause i no need to stand the strong taste of ginger and save alot of my time
AmirVerified Buyer
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beli utk gf. Gf i sgt suka
OliviaVerified Buyer
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I always nvr like ginger taste even i know ginger very good. Now problem solved with Herlia, no taste at all 1, just swallow and done! So easy also
Ronny TengVerified Buyer
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4th bottles. Good!
Fong WenVerified Buyer
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As supplement for my whole family. My husband and son take it daily
Helen Wong STVerified Buyer
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My whole family have been taking since Jan 2020. This superfood is much better than supplement to build up our immune system especially this period
Nurul FatinVerified Buyer
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Glad that this is Halal certified. Always wanted to try ginger product, but other are not Halal certified, and also mostly in powder form. This is in tablet form and i love it so it won't choke me with the spiciness of ginger.
Winnie PangVerified Buyer
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My dietitian recommend me Herlia to me as i have irregular period and obesity. This is my 6th bottles, i start to get back my period and my weight dropping. Really grateful i listened to her and try.
Fenn LamVerified Buyer
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Me and my family taking Herlia daily as our immune booster. We really feel more energy during the day and not so easy tired. My son also seldom fall sick anymore.
LF KimVerified Buyer
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Recommended by my friend. Her bloating and period got much better. Hope it helps my bloating too.
KavithaVerified Buyer
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I am a long term vegan. This is a very good product for me that it can help my body warm because as a vegan, we believe the vege & fruits are 'cold' for our body.
Kenneth LiewVerified Buyer
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Bought it for my girlfriend, fast delivery received the next day!
Karen TehVerified Buyer
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I lost 3kg in 2 weeks! I take Herlia and do some mild exercise only. It helps to improve my metabolism and burn fat!
Zack KohVerified Buyer
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Just placed an order for my 5th & 6th bottle! This is the only product I'm taking consistently. Unlike others ginger product, as this is 100% natural and really hassle free! So convenient!
Nor FarahVerified Buyer
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I have taken Herlia for almost two months, my period cramp for last month has been better and improved. And omg i lost weight too! I didn't even change my diet and exercise. It does also help me on throwing out the wind & bloating *opps* ;p
Mohd ZalVerified Buyer
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sangat Bagus n effective product!
Janet GohVerified Buyer
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Fast delivery & good packaging. The product really looks beautiful and premium. Love it! I've bought 2 bottles and can't wait to try!

Proudly Made in Malaysia

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Gluten Free
Natural Ingredient
suitable for pregnancy and confinement

As Featured In


It Is









Peel & Slice.

cannabis oil e1619526360850

Extraction and Mixing

The advanced extraction process that stores the Ginger nutrients at the best serve condition.


Dehydrated at below 70c

freezing e1619526312256

Freeze Drying

Low-temperature dehydration process that involves freezing the product, lowering pressure, then removing the ice by sublimation.
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Compress to Tablets


UV Sterilised Herlia bottle

UV radiation reliably reduces germs and improves hygiene.


完全 纯天然姜颗 特调制成:

  • 减少经期疼痛 调理经期
  • 改善消化并减轻腹胀
  • 帮助瘦身促进减肥
  • 增强免疫力
  • 减速皮肤老化
  • 改善和调理手脚冰冷

适合 素食主义者和穆斯林同胞(Halal)

60 粒 一瓶

2 tablets = 250mg Ginger Extract

Get The Nutrients,
Forget The Taste